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first (preview) release

so, its time to get you something to play with.

this is my first release and its released as it is! i dont take care for any damage it might do or the time it steals from you.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!  (this is just for safety reassons. i never had any major problems besides some instant crashes and/or lots of error messages)

How to install:

  • download the file from this blog
  • install 3delight (if you havent already)
  • you need fusion 6.1 or higher
  • the files from the plugin folder go into the plugin folder of your fusion installation
  • the files from the shader folder go into the shader folder from your 3delight installation
  • (re)start fusion and you can start to play
  • the rib renderer will show up as option in the “3d render” node
  • provide the path to 3delight.dll, tdlmake.exe, shaderdl.exe in the 3d renderer node
  • in the tool menu you find a new submenu called “RoE” (“Reich of evil”, just like this blog), there you find the new “CookTorrance” Material and the Enviroment Light

What works?

  • Fusion standard material (this is the one on each geo object) with diffuse texture input (just image inputs NO fusion 3d shaders)
  • Fusion Phong Shader (just color and specular settings)
  • RoE.CookTorrence Shader (color, specular, reflection, refraction, colorbleeding)
  • RoE.EnvLight, does  IBL via the enviroment map in the 3d render node
  • Global Ambient Occlusion settings in 3d render node
  • Global enviroment map (expects a LatLong format) in 3d render node (use for raytraced reflections, refractions, enviroment light)
  • Settings for Quality (shading rate, pixel samples, raytrace samples, AO samples, AA filter and samples)
  • all sorts of Geometry
  • All sort of Lights (Ambient, Directional, Spot, Point, Enviroment)
  • (raytraced) Shadows via Spot- and Directional lights
  • DoF with setting for f-stop

What doesnt work?

  • all the other stuff (motion blur, other materials, fusion 3d shading nodes,   …)
  • lacks a lot of optimisation

Know Issues, Bugs, Errors:

  • there is an bug which throws an error message when you use an enviroment map and delete it again
  • refraction in RoE.CookTorrance looks not correct
  • if you use Colorbleeding and AO together it doesnt look correct
  • if you use Colorbleeding and Refraction together it doesnt look correct
  • you have to set the intensity of lights very high (around 50)

Happy Playing!

download for x64 fusion

download for x32 fusion

Please give feedback here in the comments, per eMail or on the thread on the pigsfly forum


going for a preview release

i stopped on adding features to the code and trying hard to fix bugs and make everything work as it should be.

its always the little things that keep you working. sometimes features stopp to work that worked for days and i dont know where the problem is or some things behave strange in combination with others.

i will not give you a release date, but it should be soon.

expect a early test preview with not so much features and maybe some major bugs

its coming!


i’m total into research what can be done in a single shader, with one renderpass in renderman.

and i found a way to do some raytraced GI/ColorBleeding.

but this is all raytraced and takes some heavy amount on rays to get clean. also, i dont know if it has flickering or other stuff in animation

so, i’m looking into photon map generation and how to use them.


here is a quick picutre of a refractive object


writing my own renderman shader

as posted before i’m currently in state of writing my own renderman shader and building a fusion node for it

i searched through the shaders that come with 3delight and found a good base in the shader from nick deboar.

currently i’m ripping his shader apart and take the parts i need to build my shader.

what it got:

  • oren nayer diffuse shading
  • cook torrence specular shading (with enviroment specular)
  • raytraced reflection (with roughness factor)
  • energy conservation

it looks amazing!


(picture shows 3 spotlights, enviroment light, enviroment reflections, indirect speculars, DoF)

but the cook torrence specular parameters are hard to setup for nice speculars, at least for my simple understanding of shading.

as  next task i will look into “how to get texture maps working”. after that i think i will give you some stuff to play with.

things to come

on my wishlist are now (and i think its stuff i can achieve):

  • create a material node for my shader (still to complete) which lets you choose if you want raytrace effects and all the settings for it
  • raytraced enviroment reflections
  • support of other materials then phong and standard material
  • bump/displacment shaders
  • raytraced GI/final gather

and on the wishlist for the more advanced stuff (which i’m not sure if i can get to work):

  • MotionBlur
  • per object attributes
  • precalculate/pointbased effects
  • a shader node which can load your shader 
  • a rib loader
  • support of fusion 3d modifiers/shader/material nodes


features (so far)

after all this talk i show now what i have achieved so far. okay, some stuff was already built in, but i show you what can already be done.

texture on standardmaterial


you can also see that the specular values are diffrent. they can be set in the material settings

speaking of material settings, material color and specular settings will be transfered to the renderman shader


directional light with shadows


(this is only using a shader which is coming with 3delight)

spotlight with shadow



ambient occlusion (raytraced)


you can set a number for the rays you use and a max. distance


raytraced reflection (currently when you attach a phong material)


for raytracing you can set a number for the rays


enviroment light


currently i expect a latlong map as input and it will automatically convert into the prefered renderman format (.tdl)

you can set the number of samples for the raytracing

and you got a strength multiplier