features (so far)

after all this talk i show now what i have achieved so far. okay, some stuff was already built in, but i show you what can already be done.

texture on standardmaterial


you can also see that the specular values are diffrent. they can be set in the material settings

speaking of material settings, material color and specular settings will be transfered to the renderman shader


directional light with shadows


(this is only using a shader which is coming with 3delight)

spotlight with shadow



ambient occlusion (raytraced)


you can set a number for the rays you use and a max. distance


raytraced reflection (currently when you attach a phong material)


for raytracing you can set a number for the rays


enviroment light


currently i expect a latlong map as input and it will automatically convert into the prefered renderman format (.tdl)

you can set the number of samples for the raytracing

and you got a strength multiplier


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