writing my own renderman shader

as posted before i’m currently in state of writing my own renderman shader and building a fusion node for it

i searched through the shaders that come with 3delight and found a good base in the shader from nick deboar.

currently i’m ripping his shader apart and take the parts i need to build my shader.

what it got:

  • oren nayer diffuse shading
  • cook torrence specular shading (with enviroment specular)
  • raytraced reflection (with roughness factor)
  • energy conservation

it looks amazing!


(picture shows 3 spotlights, enviroment light, enviroment reflections, indirect speculars, DoF)

but the cook torrence specular parameters are hard to setup for nice speculars, at least for my simple understanding of shading.

as  next task i will look into “how to get texture maps working”. after that i think i will give you some stuff to play with.


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