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Current News

After the last news is now a couple of days old, i just want to give you an update on whats going on here.


progress in new features is quiet slow. seems that i have finished on the easy parts and try now to crack the hard ones. The last updates i did are: support for displacement in RoE.CookTorrance shader, a setting for shader search path (i case you want to keep your 3delight install clean or put your custom shaders in a special folder) and the plugin now respects the image bit depth you set in the render3d node.

I still trying to figure some stuff out and if this works you will see a new version.

so far just an image of the working displacment:






new (major) update

the problems i have with displacement are no excuse, here is a new version. i call this a real major update, because a lot of new features  are now workin

Changelog 12th July 2012
• Added intensity control to RoE.CookTorrance for specular
• Added intensity control to RoE.CookTorrance for reflection
• Added support for Textures (just Images, no Fusion Shaders) in RoE.CookTorrance;
• Textures can be used for Diffuse Color, Specular Color, Specular Intesity, Specular Roughness,
Reflection Color, Reflection Intensity, Reflection Roughness
• Added Support for Fusion Blinn material (just Color and Specular settings)
• Added Support for Fusion Ward material (just Color and Specular settings, anisotropic settings will
effect the shader, but will not match the fusion one)
• Shading rate control is now non integer and accepts values down to 0.001. Values below 1 will lead to
some kind of supersampling, „sub micropolygon sampling“)
• Added support for decay type in spotlight
• Added support for decay type in pointlight
• renamed to „3Delight“ in the 3d rendernode „render type“ dropdown


download 32bit version

download 64bit version


as always: comments, wishes, money are welcome 😉

something went wrong

besides great results in my tries to bring texture maps to renderman sometimes somethings went wrong:

(thats my first try with displacement)

work in progress

in the last days i worked on several things to make the plugin better and more usable.

i added support for fusions ward and blinn material (just color and specular settings), changed some settings for shading rate (higher quality possible), changed somethings on the RoE.CookTorrance material node and the material itself.

beside that i experimented with (light) projections and how to get texture maps working in other shaders. i think i’m on the way to fix the last problems there and will get this working.

because i still got no skills at C++ i have to search every source i can find. Programming in C++ can be very challenging. all this classes and pointers and links and what else.

but i found an old email from 2007 in the fusion sdk mailing list that showed me a way to go.

Never delete mails from mailing lists!

Quick Fix – New Downloads

with the help and feedback of you i could eliminate the first bug.

it crashed fusion directly if you used RoE.EnvLight or RoE.CookTorrance without giving an eviroment map in the 3d renderer node. this should be fixed now.

two minor other things changed:

  • got rid of the RoE.Blinn material which showed up under Tool -> RoE -> 3D -> Material (it didnt do anything)
  • renamed the inputs in the 3D renderer node for the executables to the correct files for 3delight

new downloads

32bit version

64bit version


waiting for more feedback and inputs!

first feedback

after the first reactions to the release i know that everybody else has problem with the 64bit version

i need more information about that. can anybody who tried give me feedback? best with what you did and if it just crashed or if see any error messages.


i try to get a64bit systeem running the next days so i can test on both platforms