Quick Fix – New Downloads

with the help and feedback of you i could eliminate the first bug.

it crashed fusion directly if you used RoE.EnvLight or RoE.CookTorrance without giving an eviroment map in the 3d renderer node. this should be fixed now.

two minor other things changed:

  • got rid of the RoE.Blinn material which showed up under Tool -> RoE -> 3D -> Material (it didnt do anything)
  • renamed the inputs in the 3D renderer node for the executables to the correct files for 3delight

new downloads

32bit version

64bit version


waiting for more feedback and inputs!


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5 responses to “Quick Fix – New Downloads”

  1. Max says :

    32bit version has crashed Fusion

  2. Max says :

    As you see from this screen: http://s019.radikal.ru/i623/1207/37/852ac079bc2c.jpg
    The paths (on the right) are for 32bit 3delight, but from the console its obvious that it tries to connect with 64bit version.

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