work in progress

in the last days i worked on several things to make the plugin better and more usable.

i added support for fusions ward and blinn material (just color and specular settings), changed some settings for shading rate (higher quality possible), changed somethings on the RoE.CookTorrance material node and the material itself.

beside that i experimented with (light) projections and how to get texture maps working in other shaders. i think i’m on the way to fix the last problems there and will get this working.

because i still got no skills at C++ i have to search every source i can find. Programming in C++ can be very challenging. all this classes and pointers and links and what else.

but i found an old email from 2007 in the fusion sdk mailing list that showed me a way to go.

Never delete mails from mailing lists!


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