new (major) update

the problems i have with displacement are no excuse, here is a new version. i call this a real major update, because a lot of new features  are now workin

Changelog 12th July 2012
• Added intensity control to RoE.CookTorrance for specular
• Added intensity control to RoE.CookTorrance for reflection
• Added support for Textures (just Images, no Fusion Shaders) in RoE.CookTorrance;
• Textures can be used for Diffuse Color, Specular Color, Specular Intesity, Specular Roughness,
Reflection Color, Reflection Intensity, Reflection Roughness
• Added Support for Fusion Blinn material (just Color and Specular settings)
• Added Support for Fusion Ward material (just Color and Specular settings, anisotropic settings will
effect the shader, but will not match the fusion one)
• Shading rate control is now non integer and accepts values down to 0.001. Values below 1 will lead to
some kind of supersampling, „sub micropolygon sampling“)
• Added support for decay type in spotlight
• Added support for decay type in pointlight
• renamed to „3Delight“ in the 3d rendernode „render type“ dropdown


download 32bit version

download 64bit version


as always: comments, wishes, money are welcome 😉


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3 responses to “new (major) update”

  1. max says :

    Thanx for new version! but ver.x64 contains wrong path for 3dlight x86.

    Version x32 crashed Fusion.

    • pingking says :

      thanks for the feedback

      that error in the 64bit version seems very strange, i will take a look at it. basicly i didnt change anything on this part of the plugin. if it worked before it should still work.

      is there anything you can tell me what made the 32bit version crash?

      • pingking says :

        i think your problem comes from the double installation of 3delight. can you render in 3delight without the fusion plugin? can you render from maya/softimage/blender or the examples that come with 3delight?

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