new stuff to play


after a long time trying to make things work and a lot of features half done i decided to give you the latest release now.

this one has not so many new stuff as the last one, but hopefully something you will find usefull.

What’s new?

  • Support for the correct image output bitdepth in Render3d node (float16 and float32 will gave the same image)
  • displacement in RoE.CookTorrance, this is real Renderman displacment with support for micropolygon displacement and should give better result then the Fusions „Displacement3D“ node. Later can only displace given geometry
  • you can specify a search path for the shaders, in case you want to keep your 3delight installation clean or have a special place for the shaders
  • the multiply setting in the „RoE.EnvLight“ supports now non integer values and also values below 1.0
  • Fusions „Shape3D“ Sphere, Torus, Cone, Cylinder are now rendered as Renderman primitives. That means you dont need high settings for the segments for smooth results. Simple exclusion here: because Renderman primitives dont support caps, this only works if you have no caps. Otherwise it will still exported as set of polygons
  • added support for lights emitting photons. This should give faster results if you use RoE.CookTorrance with „ColorBleeding“ on. I did not see any difference in speed or the image. The photon count is for the whole scene NOT per light. Currently all lights emit photons if this option is on.


download 32bit version

download 64bit version


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8 responses to “new stuff to play”

  1. max says :

    Thanks for new ver. I tried x64. I did not get to get a result from the displacement. Can you send me your test scene with displacement on my mailbox?

  2. LabEG says :

    The plugin does not work. Print error: …canont find driver “tiff”.

    • pingking says :

      I’m sure the plugin works. Have tested it on different machines and got positive feedback from other people.
      Can you tell me more about your setup (fusion version, 3delight version, …) and what you did inside fusion?
      Because the “tiff” driver for writing the temp images comes with 3delight and should be there, thats nothing my plugin does. It just calls 3delight to write a temp tiff image and reads that back into fusion

      • LabEG says :

        I download latest 3dLight for Windows x64, from oficial site, setup him. After i copy plugin to Fusion. In Render node select 3DLight, enter all path to render and shaders. But if i try to view render node, him print error – canont find driver “tiff”

      • pingking says :

        can you check if you have a file called “tiff.dpy” in “path_to_3delight\displays\”, if not then something with your isntallation of 3delight went wrong.

  3. LabEG says :

    I found. He is looking for the wrong patch. Can you fix?

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