Archive | September 2012


here you can download a  set of annotated comps which will show you most of the features this plugin can give you.

i will extend them for future releases to show some missing parts or new features.



Motion Blur

after some weeks of not working on the plugin, because i was busy with real life stuff and not being at home, i can now announce a major break through: Motion Blur is working!

this means i have now motion blur or transformation and rotation of objects as the camera as well (scaling and deformation not tested yet)

here you see a little test scene (6 time samples, 180 degree shutter):


compared with a fusion software renderer (6 time samples, 180 degree shutter):


i have to do some test how it plays together with the other stuff (mainly raytracing reflection and shadows) before i make a new public version of the plugin.

i hope i can bring some more new stuff into the next release.

RIB Export

thanks to a wonderfull function of 3delight i can now export the RIB file and not only render it.

because you can force 3delight to “render” to a RIB file instead of a image i have now a great tool to test more things and look how my code looks in more readable exported text files instead of crashing fusion without knowing where it stopped.

now i can see which part of the RIB generation failed and hopefully find out why.

i think i will leave this in the next release that everybody has the chance to export and edit the RIB files or render them somewhere else.