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Show off

i thought my blog is missing alot of images. today i’m showing some of the features of the plugin in nice pictures!

micropolygon displacement

here you can see the plane has no subdivisions but renders with a nice displacement


this shows a nice depth of field effect

Enviroment Light

This scene was lit by a HDR image via the enviroment light node and the model features raytraced reflection of this HDR (via the Roe.CookTorrance material). the soft shadows on the ground are also generated by the enviroment light.


scene without and with finalgather through photon tracing


New (big) Update

after a long time: here comes a new version to play with. this version now includes some major breakthroughs in production usability. You can now use (Light) projections, enjoy beautiful MotionBlur, use the totally rebuilded FinalGather/ColorBleeding solution,  raytrace everything in the scene and even output a RIB file instead of a rendered image.

full changelog:

  • fixed bug in the rotation export of the primitives (primitives were upside down, etc)
  • fixed bug with texture coordinates of primitives
  • fixed bug where Spotlights always casted shadows, even if the option to cast shadow on the light was off
  • added slider for displacement strength on RoE.Cook
  • added support for light projection via Projector3D (uses Intensity, Fit Width/Height/Strecht, uses FoV, can cast shadows, decay types)
  • added option for motion blur (shutter settings, shutter effiency, motion steps) (throug limitions in Renderman no MoBlur on Shadows, in reflections, …)
  • added experimental option to use raytracing for everything instead of the current REYES/raytracing hybrid mode (new mode takes a lot of memory, can be very slow, has nicer MoBlur with blurred shadows and reflections) ->further optimisation in shaders and plugin needed
  • added experimental option to write out a RIB file instead rendering an image (just outputs a black image at the end)-> mainly for bugfixing reason implemented
  • fixed bug in x64 build which gave a warning about displacement in RoE.CookTorrance Material even when no displacement was used
  • rebuild the whole photon/finalgather implementation: if you now enable photons a global solution for finalgather/GI/colorbleeding will be used and the setting in the ROE.Cook material will be ignored. if you enable colorbleeding in the RoE.Cook material without the global photon setting then the old method of raytrace colorbleeding will be used.
  • added proxy option, if you use fusions proxy mode every sample setting will be reduced by the factor of the proxy (on proxy level 4 64 raytracing samples become 16 samples). shading rate will become shading rate*proxy level


download 64bit version

download 32bit version

little info

i had some time now to come back to the project and it was a very good time. i was able to fix some bugs and add some new stuff.

just wait a little bit and you will get new stuff to play with.

its around the corner! i need to do some more test before i made a new release.