Show off

i thought my blog is missing alot of images. today i’m showing some of the features of the plugin in nice pictures!

micropolygon displacement

here you can see the plane has no subdivisions but renders with a nice displacement


this shows a nice depth of field effect

Enviroment Light

This scene was lit by a HDR image via the enviroment light node and the model features raytraced reflection of this HDR (via the Roe.CookTorrance material). the soft shadows on the ground are also generated by the enviroment light.


scene without and with finalgather through photon tracing


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9 responses to “Show off”

  1. joel says :

    Looking great…what is the next step?

    • pingking says :

      well, my “hopefully done some day” list is quiet long and gets longer with every day i spent with the plugin.

      for future releases i want to improve my Shaders (the cook torrance isnt correct now), add some more shaders, support RoI, have renderpasses, improve the lights, support more of the fusion nodes, rendering of particles, …

      so, a lot of stuff on the list and some of them seem way beyond my knowledge

  2. Stanislav says :

    help, error in ntdll.dll at 0x2e3c6, Fusion 6.3 and 6.4 x86, 3delight-10.0.50 86 to solve this problem

  3. Stanislav says :

    solved the problem by reinstalling x64 Fusion and 3delight, now another problem * err * P1029: cannot find display driver ‘tiff’ (unknown err code) which can be viewed here C: \ Program Files \ 3Delight \ displays. How can I fix it? thanks

  4. Stanislav says :

    Thanks helped it all works just great, will follow. You’re cool 🙂

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