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last one for this year

just before i start into the holiday season i give you the latest version of my plugin. this time its just a small update but i hope you can make some fun out of it.

this was exciting year for me with this experiment. i just started with low goals and i think i achieved so much more then i ever hoped. next year i will continue to work on this little project.


and now the little new things:

• Fixed a bug which made the DoD of the rendered image 0,0,0,0
• added experimental output of Z value in 16bit and 32bit float images, Z Value is positive distance from camera
• added a experimental RIB Archive Loader node. just passes the data to the renderer, no editing of anything and no representation in the viewport (except from a plane). But you can use the transform controls (translate, rotate, scale)
• fixed a bug where the rendered image was not read back with the image bit depth settings from the renderer


download 64bit version

download 32bit version


have a nice christmas, x-mas, yule (or whatever you call it)


next step

i’m done with one new feature: loading and pasing RIB archives to the render.

dont know if this makes any sense right now because you cant change anything to the archive nor can you see the geometry in the viewer. but its nice to have.

hopefully i can fix some bugs and make another release this year.