last one for this year

just before i start into the holiday season i give you the latest version of my plugin. this time its just a small update but i hope you can make some fun out of it.

this was exciting year for me with this experiment. i just started with low goals and i think i achieved so much more then i ever hoped. next year i will continue to work on this little project.


and now the little new things:

• Fixed a bug which made the DoD of the rendered image 0,0,0,0
• added experimental output of Z value in 16bit and 32bit float images, Z Value is positive distance from camera
• added a experimental RIB Archive Loader node. just passes the data to the renderer, no editing of anything and no representation in the viewport (except from a plane). But you can use the transform controls (translate, rotate, scale)
• fixed a bug where the rendered image was not read back with the image bit depth settings from the renderer


download 64bit version

download 32bit version


have a nice christmas, x-mas, yule (or whatever you call it)


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