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Soft shadows

i added right now support for soft shadows from spot and directional lights. this will come with new light nodes.

but my blog needs more images:



i’m currently waiting for the new public release of 3Delight (which should come in the next few weeks) and have a look whats changend on their site and adopt some stuff in my plugin/shaders.


Happy new year!

to start the new year with good news i have something for you.

i’ve implemented some more settings for the use of depth of field. now you can control the look of your bokeh.

this first picture shows you the old and now new standard setting. a round bokeh


this picture shows you a triangle bokeh, which is generated through setting the aperture blades to 3:


and here we have a more comon 5 blade bokeh:


and here the same 5 blade bokeh rotated around 90 degress:




If i have some more new stuff i’ll make a new version for you to play around