i’m on the way to get particles working! yeah!

this is something i never thougt it would happen, but now i can read out position and color data from the particles.

i hope i get access to other part of the particles too.

and here is a very simple test:


4 responses to “Particles!”

  1. Maxic says :

    Textures only work on primitives on imported geometry texture how much something is not working, as GI calculates a strange result, similar to the negative image

    • pingking says :

      could you show me a picture of whats getting wrong with the texture on imported models?

      and also what do you think is wrong with the GI?

      i just do simple test scenes and nothing comples, so maybe i’m overlooking something

  2. Joël says :

    Hey Michael,
    I’ve been playing around with your implementation of 3Delight. If I have the Renderer 3D in one viewport, and the 3ds scene in another,when I move objects the opengl, the scene tends to go blank until I let go of the object. not have the 3Rn in viewport fixes it. Have you experienced that?

    • pingking says :

      i’m sorry to here that. i tried the same on two machines here and i cant replicate that. one as a nvidia card and the other a amd one.

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