another release

After a very long time i decided to provide you with a new build of my plugin. This time it has “only” the features i showed here before and no new secret stuff i holded back for so long.

In hope to speed up developing and releases i also put all of my code up on Github. Now everybody who is willing to contribute can start coding and support this project.

Changelog 24th April 2013

  • Added first support for particle rendering. Particles will render as points with a fixed size. They will take the color and alpha value from fusion
  • added 2 new light nodes with soft shadows (RoE.Distantlight and RoE.PointLight)
  • added support for shaping the bokeh of DoF effects, you can now specify the number of blades and their rotation
  • fixed a bug where GI was calculate even if you havent set Photons on
  • added a Github Repository for the whole Project on you can download all the files and start adding stuff by yourself 

download 32bit version

download 64bit version

and by the way: i also decided to start a twitter account, mainly for stuff related to this plugin


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