Archive | October 2013

some unexpected result

while i was playing around with a new material shader, which utilizes the new features of 3delight11, i got some suprising result




as i turned on my GI solution i got mesh lights and something that looks like subsurface scattering.

i know the code that i’m using for the new shader has options for both of it, but i didnt use this features right now. looks like there are nice things to come


3delight 11

the new version of 3delight is now public! and the new speed is amazing

in a first very quick test i got an improvement of 300%. i just rendered one of mine scenes with the old engine and it took 2mins08sec to render, then i switched to the new release and changed nothing else: 40 seconds.


in the next few days i will look into all the new stuff and then i will start updating my plugin