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Fusion GUI Theme

Eyeon released Fusion 6 in 2009 and back then there was this glossy buttons style state of the art. now, in 2013, this aint so new anymore. therefore i create a little more modern GUI theme for Fusion.

Its a “flat” shaded theme.



you can download the theme here 

then unzip the file into your fusion/Skins directory

if you find some errors or missing buttons just drop me a line or fix them by yourself


something for the holidays

here is the new release! so you can play with it over the coming holidays.


because this is a big step in the development i guess it will have some major bugs or flaws. I changed a lot of stuff to work with the latest version of 3delight. 3Delight V11 added a new path tracer to the raytracing engine and this is a highly optimized raytracer. this means it will greatly improve the speed in raytracing.

go to and grab the latest release version (the free one will now use 4 render threads). if you already had 3delight 10 installed please check if you enviroment variables point to the correct folder for 3delight11.

after that delete all old stuff from my plugin and now you can install the new release. if you need you old comp setups with my plugin, you must keep it somewhere around.

the new version will break backwards compatibilty and older comps are not renderable anymore!!!

this release brings a new “advanced material” to you. this material can replicate most of the materials you see in real life, it replaces the former roe.cooktorrance material.



• Changed a lot of code to work with the new 3delight V11 release
• removed the former RoE.cooktorrance shader and replaced it with a new „Advanced material“
• new material is a „uber shader“ which can replicate most of the real world materials
• new material has seperate sample settings for the raytracing elements (reflection, refraction, GI)
• global sample setting still be used by all other stuff (lights, shadows, …)
• raytracing is now default render option
• fixed a lot of bugs (export to RIB now correct, removed wrong arguments from shaders, …)
• removed now unused settings from Render3d node
• complete new method for GI/Colorbleeding

more progress

you can see here another test render with the new “advanced material” shader, it has a newly written code for ColorBleeding, new self illuminated effects (incandescence), a texture input for reflection roughness and many other features.
i hope i can make a new release before christmas holidays