Fusion GUI Theme

Eyeon released Fusion 6 in 2009 and back then there was this glossy buttons style state of the art. now, in 2013, this aint so new anymore. therefore i create a little more modern GUI theme for Fusion.

Its a “flat” shaded theme.



you can download the theme here 

then unzip the file into your fusion/Skins directory

if you find some errors or missing buttons just drop me a line or fix them by yourself


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4 responses to “Fusion GUI Theme”

  1. Ms. Peel says :

    hey this is quite nice, simple and clean. i was expecting the tool buttons to go flat as well though. how do you make this?

    • pingking says :

      could you show me which buttons you exactly mean?

      all the buttons are simple BMP files inside the folders from my download. if you find them you can change them by your self

  2. Joël says :

    Got the theme..I like it! it’s a nice change! Thanks!

  3. coyove says :

    Very nice work, made the UI much more compatible with WIN8

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