New Tool for Eyeon Fusion

After the small preview i will now share the first release of my new tool for eyeon fusion: Partio Viewer


* you can import all formats Partio supports
* you have a slider to load only every Nth particle (to speed up the viewer with really huge caches, but the overall speed is great)
* cache sequences work with the “hack” from here
* you can crash your fusion really often

some general tipps:
* try first to view the “Partio viewer” node befor you do something else
* if you attach a material to it, it will use the color of the material. but change the color of the material before you attach it to the node
* more then one “partio viewer” node active in a scene is not adviced
* using cache sequences is also very unstable
* the points itself will not react to lights in the scene
* loading huge caches can take some time

for the future i try to get done:
* per particle color
* make it more stable
* find why there is no interaction with lights
* what you suggest
* in the next release of my 3Delight render plugin there will be a new node to render the Partio files directly with 3delight

download the plugin

dowload a sample scene with the particle cache from the screenshot


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2 responses to “New Tool for Eyeon Fusion”

  1. Joël says :

    Looks really cool!! 🙂 Any progress on development?

  2. Lee says :

    Please for OSX ! 😦

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