a new version release

this is mainly a bugfix release, no fancy new stuff in here

• Fixed a major Bug with concatination of transformations
• Improved formating when exporting RIB
• Included „ROE_PartioLoader“, which lets you render Partio particle caches as Renderman procedural
via Partio43delight from Michal Fratczak
• Other small fixes and improvements


only 64bit version from now on




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4 responses to “a new version release”

  1. luke says :

    Hi , I’ve downloaded and put plugins into Program Files/Blackmagic Design/Fusion/Plugins but get ‘unable to load plugin:EnvLight.plugin (etc). its c:\program files\eyeon\fusion\plugins in the pdf

    • pingking says :

      thanks for your interest in my work, but there a 2 things why it wont work:

      1) the free version of fusion from BMD doesnt support Plugins, you will need the studio version for that
      2) the SDK changed from Fusion 6.4 to 7. all my plugins are compilied against the SDK of Fusion 6.4. so they will only work with the older version.

      this would mean i have to find the time to update all my work and recompile it. on one side this is now easier, Microsoft released a free version of Visual Studio. here i dont need to spend hundreds of euros to get the new and needed version. but on the other side, i dont have the latest version of the SDK from eyeon/BMD

  2. luke says :

    ok thanks for response

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