thoughts of upcoming stuff

Even if i dont do any updates here on the blog i didnt gave up on this project. Mostly i’m waiting for the new Fusion7 release.

I’m a little afraid of this one, because Eyeon is building a completly new internal 3D system. which, i think, will break compatibililty with older plugins. this would lead into rebuilding everything from the start.

but i have to see what happens when Fusion7 arives.


on the other side i thinking about changing the code to become a PRMan (=Pixar Renderman) bridge.

Pixar announced that the upcoming release of PRMan will be free for non-commercial work and a single licences will be only around 500USD.


lets see what comes in the next couple of month


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One response to “thoughts of upcoming stuff”

  1. Daniel Binder says :

    That is so brave ! I am looking forward to the new fusion version too ! Let’s see, maybe people might be surpriced …

    Good luck of building this prman bridge to fusion.! Would be awesome.

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