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a new version release

this is mainly a bugfix release, no fancy new stuff in here

• Fixed a major Bug with concatination of transformations
• Improved formating when exporting RIB
• Included „ROE_PartioLoader“, which lets you render Partio particle caches as Renderman procedural
via Partio43delight from Michal Fratczak
• Other small fixes and improvements


only 64bit version from now on




New Tool for Eyeon Fusion

After the small preview i will now share the first release of my new tool for eyeon fusion: Partio Viewer


* you can import all formats Partio supports
* you have a slider to load only every Nth particle (to speed up the viewer with really huge caches, but the overall speed is great)
* cache sequences work with the “hack” from here
* you can crash your fusion really often

some general tipps:
* try first to view the “Partio viewer” node befor you do something else
* if you attach a material to it, it will use the color of the material. but change the color of the material before you attach it to the node
* more then one “partio viewer” node active in a scene is not adviced
* using cache sequences is also very unstable
* the points itself will not react to lights in the scene
* loading huge caches can take some time

for the future i try to get done:
* per particle color
* make it more stable
* find why there is no interaction with lights
* what you suggest
* in the next release of my 3Delight render plugin there will be a new node to render the Partio files directly with 3delight

download the plugin

dowload a sample scene with the particle cache from the screenshot

something for the holidays

here is the new release! so you can play with it over the coming holidays.


because this is a big step in the development i guess it will have some major bugs or flaws. I changed a lot of stuff to work with the latest version of 3delight. 3Delight V11 added a new path tracer to the raytracing engine and this is a highly optimized raytracer. this means it will greatly improve the speed in raytracing.

go to and grab the latest release version (the free one will now use 4 render threads). if you already had 3delight 10 installed please check if you enviroment variables point to the correct folder for 3delight11.

after that delete all old stuff from my plugin and now you can install the new release. if you need you old comp setups with my plugin, you must keep it somewhere around.

the new version will break backwards compatibilty and older comps are not renderable anymore!!!

this release brings a new “advanced material” to you. this material can replicate most of the materials you see in real life, it replaces the former roe.cooktorrance material.



• Changed a lot of code to work with the new 3delight V11 release
• removed the former RoE.cooktorrance shader and replaced it with a new „Advanced material“
• new material is a „uber shader“ which can replicate most of the real world materials
• new material has seperate sample settings for the raytracing elements (reflection, refraction, GI)
• global sample setting still be used by all other stuff (lights, shadows, …)
• raytracing is now default render option
• fixed a lot of bugs (export to RIB now correct, removed wrong arguments from shaders, …)
• removed now unused settings from Render3d node
• complete new method for GI/Colorbleeding

another release

After a very long time i decided to provide you with a new build of my plugin. This time it has “only” the features i showed here before and no new secret stuff i holded back for so long.

In hope to speed up developing and releases i also put all of my code up on Github. Now everybody who is willing to contribute can start coding and support this project.

Changelog 24th April 2013

  • Added first support for particle rendering. Particles will render as points with a fixed size. They will take the color and alpha value from fusion
  • added 2 new light nodes with soft shadows (RoE.Distantlight and RoE.PointLight)
  • added support for shaping the bokeh of DoF effects, you can now specify the number of blades and their rotation
  • fixed a bug where GI was calculate even if you havent set Photons on
  • added a Github Repository for the whole Project on you can download all the files and start adding stuff by yourself 

download 32bit version

download 64bit version

and by the way: i also decided to start a twitter account, mainly for stuff related to this plugin

last one for this year

just before i start into the holiday season i give you the latest version of my plugin. this time its just a small update but i hope you can make some fun out of it.

this was exciting year for me with this experiment. i just started with low goals and i think i achieved so much more then i ever hoped. next year i will continue to work on this little project.


and now the little new things:

• Fixed a bug which made the DoD of the rendered image 0,0,0,0
• added experimental output of Z value in 16bit and 32bit float images, Z Value is positive distance from camera
• added a experimental RIB Archive Loader node. just passes the data to the renderer, no editing of anything and no representation in the viewport (except from a plane). But you can use the transform controls (translate, rotate, scale)
• fixed a bug where the rendered image was not read back with the image bit depth settings from the renderer


download 64bit version

download 32bit version


have a nice christmas, x-mas, yule (or whatever you call it)

New (big) Update

after a long time: here comes a new version to play with. this version now includes some major breakthroughs in production usability. You can now use (Light) projections, enjoy beautiful MotionBlur, use the totally rebuilded FinalGather/ColorBleeding solution,  raytrace everything in the scene and even output a RIB file instead of a rendered image.

full changelog:

  • fixed bug in the rotation export of the primitives (primitives were upside down, etc)
  • fixed bug with texture coordinates of primitives
  • fixed bug where Spotlights always casted shadows, even if the option to cast shadow on the light was off
  • added slider for displacement strength on RoE.Cook
  • added support for light projection via Projector3D (uses Intensity, Fit Width/Height/Strecht, uses FoV, can cast shadows, decay types)
  • added option for motion blur (shutter settings, shutter effiency, motion steps) (throug limitions in Renderman no MoBlur on Shadows, in reflections, …)
  • added experimental option to use raytracing for everything instead of the current REYES/raytracing hybrid mode (new mode takes a lot of memory, can be very slow, has nicer MoBlur with blurred shadows and reflections) ->further optimisation in shaders and plugin needed
  • added experimental option to write out a RIB file instead rendering an image (just outputs a black image at the end)-> mainly for bugfixing reason implemented
  • fixed bug in x64 build which gave a warning about displacement in RoE.CookTorrance Material even when no displacement was used
  • rebuild the whole photon/finalgather implementation: if you now enable photons a global solution for finalgather/GI/colorbleeding will be used and the setting in the ROE.Cook material will be ignored. if you enable colorbleeding in the RoE.Cook material without the global photon setting then the old method of raytrace colorbleeding will be used.
  • added proxy option, if you use fusions proxy mode every sample setting will be reduced by the factor of the proxy (on proxy level 4 64 raytracing samples become 16 samples). shading rate will become shading rate*proxy level


download 64bit version

download 32bit version

new stuff to play


after a long time trying to make things work and a lot of features half done i decided to give you the latest release now.

this one has not so many new stuff as the last one, but hopefully something you will find usefull.

What’s new?

  • Support for the correct image output bitdepth in Render3d node (float16 and float32 will gave the same image)
  • displacement in RoE.CookTorrance, this is real Renderman displacment with support for micropolygon displacement and should give better result then the Fusions „Displacement3D“ node. Later can only displace given geometry
  • you can specify a search path for the shaders, in case you want to keep your 3delight installation clean or have a special place for the shaders
  • the multiply setting in the „RoE.EnvLight“ supports now non integer values and also values below 1.0
  • Fusions „Shape3D“ Sphere, Torus, Cone, Cylinder are now rendered as Renderman primitives. That means you dont need high settings for the segments for smooth results. Simple exclusion here: because Renderman primitives dont support caps, this only works if you have no caps. Otherwise it will still exported as set of polygons
  • added support for lights emitting photons. This should give faster results if you use RoE.CookTorrance with „ColorBleeding“ on. I did not see any difference in speed or the image. The photon count is for the whole scene NOT per light. Currently all lights emit photons if this option is on.


download 32bit version

download 64bit version