more expected results

i’m coming along with the new material, trying right now to get SSS working. so far the material has diffuse, reflections, refractions with absortion and a coating layer.

to show how flexible the new material is here now an image:



some unexpected result

while i was playing around with a new material shader, which utilizes the new features of 3delight11, i got some suprising result




as i turned on my GI solution i got mesh lights and something that looks like subsurface scattering.

i know the code that i’m using for the new shader has options for both of it, but i didnt use this features right now. looks like there are nice things to come

3delight 11

the new version of 3delight is now public! and the new speed is amazing

in a first very quick test i got an improvement of 300%. i just rendered one of mine scenes with the old engine and it took 2mins08sec to render, then i switched to the new release and changed nothing else: 40 seconds.


in the next few days i will look into all the new stuff and then i will start updating my plugin

still alive

now i see its allmost 6month since my last post and this is really bad

i’m sorry for that


but in the near future i’ll start working again on the plugin, because we will finally see a new version of 3Delight with a lot of new features and there will also be a new version of Eyeons Fusion with a new 3D engine


hope to give you something nice and new in a few weeks.


stay tuned!


sometimes its all about the small things. as long as i dont have a DisplayDriver, which writes the render result direct into the Fusion framebuffer, i needed to provide some feedback about the rendering progress.
i started with a simple text output to the console and then i rembered that i saw somewhere there is an function to set the progress bar of the tool.
And here it is:

as you can see the progress bar of the Render3D will update correctly with the status of the rendering progress. now you can see how much longer you have to wait for your nice picture.



Deformation Motionblur

I managed to set up  my coding enviroment on my other pc. now i can work again on the plugin and i have done so.

while i searched for a way to motion blur particles i discovered the possibility to make deformation blur working. thats another one i never suspected to happen.

in this picture you see the position of the sphere in the 2 different frames:

no motion blur

here you see the rendering with just transformation blur (like it is right now in the plugin):

only motionblur

and here now the new version with deformation motion blur:


this works also with particles but not in a way you would like to have it. for this current implementation it needs the same amount of particles (points in the 3d object) in every frame. quiet useless with particles where you emit new particles every frame

like this:

Bad News!

Yes, this is the first time i have to deliver bad news on this project.

yesterday my development machine broke without any reason or warning. i had an idea for something i wanted to try out, pushed the power button and the pc hangs in the bios startup screen. in the next couple of days i’ll try to resurect it or get some spare parts from ebay. this machine was a very old one but it had all the stuff i needed for coding my plugin.



luckily i decided with the last release to move all the code to github so that nothing should be lost.

if somebody else is playing around with the code and have some new stuff, feel free to commit your changes.


i hope i can deliver better news shortly